🇭🇺🇦🇺Ever heard of a volcanic Hungarian wine region? Hungary v Australia |B4| Battle of the Wines

Did you know that the wines of Hungary include some exceptional wine from unique and little known wine regions? What about an amazing Marsanne from similarly less-travelled Australian wine country in the cool climate Canberra region? This “Battle” features: a Hungarian wine – the Somlói Apátsági Pince Juhfark 2018, by Tibor Fazekas with the “Nominator” Alder Yarrow an Oakland California based blogger and wine writer; against Alex McKay’s Collector Lamp Lit Marsanne 2016, with leading Australian Sommelier Luke Campbell the “Nominator”.

Tibor’s Juhfark is produced from grapes grown in only one place on the planet, the extinct volcano of Somló just north of Hungary’s picturesque Lake Balaton. “Rainwater, bee pollen, citrus and herbs all filtered through coarse volcanic rock” are just a few of Alder’s tasting notes. This Hungarian wine is literally grown on the slopes of an extinct volcano and Juhfark means “sheep’s tail”, because the clusters of the grapes are shaped like the tail of a sheep. Alder describes it as “Like sunshine in a glass!”

And to Alex’s 100% Marsanne, a unique white Rhône grape variety which ages like Semillon. A single grape varietal that is worthy of “Battle”, so worthy in fact that Frank Moylan takes charge of our new half time break to give us some wine education via a Marsanne GrapeGuide. You can tell Frank is a fan of Marsanne and Alex’s Collector Lamp Lit Marsanne in particular. Highly food friendly and pairs perfectly with spicy food and all types of seafood with Frank pairing it with a local Aussie fish – the “flathead”.

0:00 Start
1:28 Meet Alder Yarrow
1:55 Meet Luke Campbell
5:42 The “Battle” card
13:22 Half time with Frank Moylan where he talks all things Marsanne

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